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New editions for FAS BeST – adult being testing.

FAS BeST Reliability and Validity Article

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National Resources

The Center for Disease Control Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder website has good resources for evaluating, parenting and educating children with prenatal exposure to alcohol.

Brochures and Posters

We have booklets, brochures and posters written by the founders of FAS*FRI for the cost of handling and shipping only.
The following titles are available:

  • What’s a Diagnosis?  Identifying a Disability (story for children)
  • Hey! Check This Out! (explanation for teens)
  • Help Hope Healing for Birth Mothers of Children with FAS
  • Advocacy for Individuals with FAS/E in the Criminal Justice System
  • Counseling Tips for working with children with FASD
  • Developmental Expectations

We also have the FACES poster (approximately 2.5’X3.5″)
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FAS Times Newsletter

Download past issues of the FAS Times newsletter here.  The newsletters were created as downloadable PDF files.  Most computers come pre-installed with Adobe Reader to view these files. If you cannot view them, download the latest version for free at Adobe’s website.

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FASD Support Network on the Web

Physical support groups are often not an option for many families. However we have found that you can get the same kind of validation, understanding and good information from other parents through joining one of the many support networks on the web. FASResource is an amazing group of birth, adoptive and foster caretakers. They offer compassion, insight and valuable positive interventions from years of experience.


Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit

A research unit dedicated to the prevention, intervention and treatment of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE). Our main goals are to conduct research on fetal alcohol and drug effects across the life span, to disseminate information on fetal alcohol and drug effects, to provide consultation for persons of any age thought to be affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol, and to provide training in human behavioral teratology.


National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

An Organization committed to raising public awareness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (The leading known cause of mental retardation) ,and to developing and implementing innovative ideas in prevention, education, intervention, and advocacy in communities throughout the nation. 

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is PREVENTABLE! It all starts with education. 
Join us to help prevent FAS and FAE!


The Family Empowerment Network (FEN)

a national resource, referral and support organization serving families affected by FAS/E and the providers who work with them. 
FEN’s mission is simple, to empower families through education and support.


Canadian FAS


FAS Information on the Internet

Extensive information on FAS/E with good links to other sites as well.


CDC – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome